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LKT origin - Logaška Kolesarska Transverzala
The first Slovenian Biking Trail

Logatec community is the center of a hilly landscape in the northern part of Notranjska region on the border between the Dinaric and Sub-alpine worlds. This is a special area and its places could leave a deep impact on the soul and remain in the traveller’s memory forever. Unconsciously, he will carry them around and from time to time they will emerge for a moment or two, along with the traveller’s powerful wish to visit them again.

And here the first Slovenian Biking Trail was born and it developed now into a specific biking system LKT with numbers of trails included, and it is considered as the origin of the Land of biKing Treasures.

LKT Biking Trail

The LKT origin trail followed existing forest roads, field paths, and little used local roads. Arrows marked "LKT" indicated the right direction, and there were six checkpoints with stamps along the trail, mostly at tourist farms where we could get a snack, find accommodation, or learned more about local points of interest.

A 90-kilometer bicycle circuit leaded from Logatec through the vast forests of the karst plateaus, between the swallow-holes of the disappearing Planinsko polje, and past numerous caves and sinks to the viewpoint peaks and ridges of the undulating Rovte hills.

Rovte hills

With its interesting path and elements that defined it as the first Slovenian Biking Trail, LKT has evaluated biking as a tourist and recreational activity in a natural environment.

LKT (Logaška Kolesarska Transverzala) - Logatec Biking Trail provided:

  • LKT Guide with enclosed Map which brought the bikers to the natural, cultural and historical heritage of this part of Slovenia and gave them information about tourist offer, rail and road access, biking advice and space for personal data and collection of LKT stamps. At the same time it has introduced quite a lot of visitors to all the region of Logatec.

  • Six unique stamps with unique logo of a woman who symbolised a lifekind biking of the LKT, and that bikers could obtain them at the six exclusive stamp spots of the trail.

  • The certificate for participants who collected all those six LKT stamps.

  • Marked path of the trail, which was drawn by the existent forest, field and quiet local roads and it stretched for 90 km altogether piece by piece.

The origin LKT was designed for a modern tourist with interests in many different activities and for a person who seeks new recognition and experiences and for those who expects new adventures and authentic contact between Man and Nature. It was designed for a man and a woman that is ecologically oriented and that always and everywhere requires high quality.

Planinsko polje

The new complex LKT system, which should be comprehended as a network of numbers of biking trails surrounding the Logatec community, provides now number of trails that will take you to the thousands of mysteries, beauties and unpredictability of the karstic World of the two Worlds.

At the same time enriched tourist offer of Logatec is waiting for guest who would like to spend a most challenging, attractive and unforgettable free-time of their own.

Go for it - explore the LKT system of unforgettable biking trails passing through surrounding countryside of Logatec: Planinsko polje, Hotedršica, Medvedje Brdo, Rovte, Vrh sv. Treh Kraljev, Grčarevec, Žibrše, which we suggest on the map enclosed.